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Tuna and Herb Tartare with Wasabi Sauce

We harvested lots of Korean Shiso and yesterday I made tuna tartare using them and other herbs from our vegetab...

Green Lentil Salad with Cucumber and Coriander from the Vegetable Garden

We harvested some cucumbers from our vegetable garden and made this salad with green lentils and coriander whic...

Courgette Flower Fritters

If you are growing courgette in your garden, it would be a shame not to eat the flowers! Courgette flowers shou...

Spaghetti with Leaf Amaranth and Tuna

We harvested some leaf amaranth and added it to pasta with canned tuna. The leafy amaranth has no bitterness, s...

Vietnamese Beef Pho (Rice Noodle in Soup) with Asian Herbs

Pho is a classic Vietnamese dish. It is also a street food that you must eat when you visit Vietnam. What I ...

Spicy Hot Pot with Garden Vegetables

I harvested a lot of leafy vegetables and made a spicy soup based hotpot with them. I put shrimp and fish in it...

Korean-ish Fried Rice with Korean Shiso

We harvested Korean Shiso, so I made it with fried rice with minced beef. If you have gochujang, it will be mor...

Super Easy! Radish leaves pickled in salted kelp

We harvested some radishes from our vegetable garden. Red radishes are crispy and delicious and can just be added to...
Japanese Food

How to Make Sushi Rice: A Quick Recipe

When I say that I am Japanese who love cooking, some people ask me, "So, can you make Sushi?" To be honest with you, I ...

Pickled Korean Shiso in Spicy Soy Sauce

We harvested some Korean Shiso and I pickled them in soy sauce. Korean Shiso is a type of herb which is commonl...
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