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Japanese Food

Crispy Karaage (deep fried) Haddock with Youlin Sauce

I made Karaage with Frozen Haddock which we can easily buy in supermarkets in Canada. This time we brought it as an appe...

Courgette Flower Fritters

If you are growing courgette in your garden, it would be a shame not to eat the flowers! Courgette flowers should be eat...

Japanese Fried Chicken “Karaage” with Ginger Flavour

Japanese fried chicken is another tasty everyday food in Japan. It’s also a good finger snack. Sweet soy sauce with ging...
Japanese Food

Pork Cutlet, “TonKatsu” Japanese Food

Pork Cutlet is one of the most popular foods in Japan. It's deep fried pork with bread crumbs. We call it "TonKatsu" in ...

Crispy Karaage (deep fried) Pangasius with Youlin Sauce

Frozen Pangasius fillets are very handy and not expensive. They are easy to store and the boneless fish fillets are not ...
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