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A simple marinade with baked leeks

It's a delicious season for leeks. I like making soups and gratins, but today I made a simply grilled marinade.

Tataki Cucumber with Sweet Spicy Soy sauce

This year, and every year, I've been too lazy to label them properly. We are growing two varieties of vine tomatoes, 'Ga...
Japanese Food

Green Peas Rice using Japanese Rice

Green Peas rice is one of the symbolic dishes in Japanese springtime. We harvested some green peas from our vegetable ga...

Tomato &Cucumber Simple Salad

We harvested some tomatoes and cucumbers from our vegetable garden, so I made tomato and cucumber salad with lots of her...

Tataki Cucumber Recipe

In Japanese, Tataki has two meanings in terms of food preparation. One is to beat the food with a rolling pin to make it...

Cucumber and Avocado Salad with Garden Herbs

We harvested some cucumbers from our vegetable garden and made a salad with avocado and herbs also from the garden. In t...

Daikon, Turnip, Radish leaves Pickled in Salted Kelp: A Recipe for our Garden Vegetables

We grow radishes, daikon and turnips in our vegetable garden. When you harvest the root vegetables, you may be disappoin...
Jam & Marmalade

Fresh Pineapple and Citrus Jam

We had a fresh pineapple which was getting overripe, so I made a jam with some citrus fruits. You can make a jam simply ...

Green Lentil Salad with Cucumber and Coriander from the Vegetable Garden

We harvested some cucumbers from our vegetable garden and made this salad with green lentils and coriander which was har...

Super Easy! Radish leaves pickled in salted kelp

We harvested some radishes from our vegetable garden. Red radishes are crispy and delicious and can just be added to sal...
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