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Delicious Beef BBQ Marinade Sauce

Here is a marinade that will turn low quality beef into delicious meat. Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ beef) is very popular in ...

Spicy Chicken Soup with Olives: a Taste of Mexico

We had a chicken soup stewed with olive and chillies in Mexico that I couldn't forget, so I tried to recreate it. The or...
Japanese Food

Crispy Karaage (deep fried) Haddock with Youlin Sauce

I made Karaage with Frozen Haddock which we can easily buy in supermarkets in Canada. This time we brought it as an appe...
Japanese Food

Teriyaki Chicken with Orange Sauce

We were invited to dinner by one of our friends and we brought some appetizers. This is one of them. I made Teriyaki Chi...
About Ingredients

Do you have to rinse Japanese rice 7 times?

I have some friends who are interested in Japanese food. When I was invited by one of them, he asked me, "You have to wa...
Japanese Food

Beans Goma-Ae (Goma-Yogoshi): Dirty Sesame Salad

“Goma-Ae” (vegetables with sesame sauce) is a very popular Japanese dish to eat at home. It’s a kind of salad with the s...

Pork Hocks and Cabbage Soup

I found Pork Hocks, which are not so common in Japan, at the supermarket here at a very reasonable price, so I decided t...
Japanese Food

Okonomiyaki, Japanese savoury pancake recipe

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style savoury pancake. If you are in Japan, it is easy to buy Okonomiyaki flour at a supermark...

A simple marinade with baked leeks

It's a delicious season for leeks. I like making soups and gratins, but today I made a simply grilled marinade.

Tataki Cucumber with Sweet Spicy Soy sauce

This year, and every year, I've been too lazy to label them properly. We are growing two varieties of vine tomatoes, 'Ga...
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