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Shaoxing Wine Steamed Prawns

There are several dishes in Chinese cuisine that are steamed in Shaoxing wine. This time, I made steamed prawns with Sha...

Foil-Steamed Haddock with Garlic Butter

Foil-steamed fish is not only tasty, but also easy to make. Since lots of households don’t have big ovens in Japan, foil...

Japanese Style Meatloaf cooked in a Frying Pan or Saucepan (not in the Oven) with Apple Sauce

The meatloaf that I have ever had in Japan always had boiled eggs inside. My boyfriend who is British said that he had n...

Coconut Curry Steamed Mediterranean Sea Bass

Last time I made a Wine-Steamed Mediterranean Sea Bass with Curry and Red Pepper, and this time I added coconut milk. Th...
Asian Food

How to Cook Thai Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is very popular in Thailand or Laos. We love Thai food and steamed sticky rice is the perfect accompaniment ...

Wine-Steamed Mediterranean Sea Bass with Curry and Red Pepper

For some reason people in Japan love Italian cuisine. This recipe was inspired by a famous Italian dish called “acqua pa...
Bread & Pastry

Steamed Dumplings with Pork and Chinese Cabbage

I love making Chinese dumplings. Making them takes a little time, but they are perfect food in terms of nutritious balan...

Steamed Broccoli with Salted Seaweed (Namul)

Namul is a Korean food that is normally boiled vegetable seasoned with sesame oil and salt. It’s very popular in Japan t...
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