Japanese Ingredients

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Vinegared Crab Sticks and Cucumber Salad with Sesame: A Quick & Easy Recipe

We bought “Snow Legs” in a supermarket the other day. They look like snow crab legs, but they are not. They are a sort o...

Stewed Pork and Red Peppers with Shiokoji

We often buy big pieces of pork shoulder. I cut them into smaller pieces and freeze them with Shiokoji. Shiokoji makes t...
Japanese Food

How to Make Japanese Curry Cubes from Scratch

My parents sent us a package from Japan which contained a lot of Japanese food and snacks. There were some packages of J...
Japanese Food

Stir-fried Eddo (taro) and Asparagus with Butter Garlic sauce

When I first saw Eddo in a supermarket, I was excited because we have a very similar ingredient in Japanese cuisine, whi...

Steamed Broccoli with Salted Seaweed (Namul)

Namul is a Korean food that is normally boiled vegetable seasoned with sesame oil and salt. It’s very popular in Japan t...
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